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This feature allows customers to be notified via notifications at Opsgenie of newly reported software updates. Here's how to set it up, manage it, and get the most out of it.

Notification settings for email


  • Name
    Enabled per default

    If the favorite has the default notification enabled, then this notification will be used.

  • Name
    API Key

    Your API key from the opsgenie settings. See down below how to get this.

  • Name
    Default priority

    The priority that the new generated alert will be have.

Read more about default notification

Example notification

This is a sample notification for the Google Chrome software update. This can be used further in the Opsgenie process, or passed on to the right team via automations.

Test message for opsgenie

You can change the priority at your notification settings.

Notification settings for email

Connect to Opsgenie

So that the notification function can be used. A connection to Opsgenie must be established. For this purpose, the API key is used, which must be generated. An API key created via the integration in the team is necessary. Please follow the steps below.


  • Login to your Opsgenie account and goto Teams. screenshot
  • Select the team for that you want to receive the notifications. screenshot
  • Select in the menu Integrations. screenshot
  • Add a new integration by clicking Add integration. Click add integration
  • Search for API and select the one that says API. Copied API key to the field at update-available.com
  • Copy the shown API key. You can deselect Delete Access, because our API is only creating new notifications. Copied API key to the field at update-available.com
  • Save the integration. Copied API key to the field at update-available.com
  • Past the saved API key at API key and save it. Copied API key to the field at update-available.com