Documentation is now available

After a long time of work, it is finally done. The documentation for the site has been successfully created and published. This has made the platform even more accessible. Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

True to the motto all beginnings are difficult, the implementation was very laborious and time-consuming. All functions had to be described and illustrated with pictures.

In the documentation, all functions offered by the platform are described and illustrated. In this way, I have created the basis for the further development of the platform and at the same time provide assistance for future implementations.

The structure of the documentation is logically structured, but may still change. I have followed the existing structure on the site and gone through the individual menu items. There are also notes on the operation and an introduction to the use of the website.

Documentation is a living document

There will always be changes and adjustments to the documentation. But because of the basic framework I have created, there are no limits. A change or extension is easy to implement.

You can find the link in the menu or go directly to the documentation here.

In the beginning, the documentation is only available in English. It will be translated into German in the coming weeks.