API Integration - about to be released

Discover the power of our API! Use custom filters to retrieve the data you need precisely. Effortlessly refine your search by using different parameters.

Our API opens up a world of possibilities for you to seamlessly access and integrate rich software data into your structure. With a wide range of functions, our API gives you control over all aspects of your software management and use. Here are some of the outstanding functions at a glance:

  • Access to the complete software database: The API gives you unlimited access to our comprehensive software database, which includes information on a wide range of software products, publishers and versions. Search the database to get the latest updates, reviews and technical details for a wide range of applications.

  • Easily manage favourites: With our API, you can manage your favourite software products. You have the freedom to tag and save software for quick and easy retrieval later. Adding and removing favourites is seamless via the API and allows you to personalise your favourite tools.

  • Targeted query for individual software: The API allows you to search specifically for certain software products. Use our search functions to get detailed information about a specific software. Learn more about publishers, versions, features and supported platforms - all available via the API.

  • Seamless integration into your structure: Our API can be effortlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure. Whether you want to integrate the data into your internal application or visualise it in a dashboard, our API gives you the flexibility you need. Use the API to seamlessly integrate software management into your workflow.

Documentation for easy integration

For seamless integration and best use of our API, comprehensive documentation is available. This resource provides detailed guidance, practical examples and best practices to help you easily integrate the API into your applications and systems. Whether you are an experienced developer or a novice, our clearly structured documentation makes the integration process much easier. Accessible resources allow you to get the most out of our API and optimise your software management. Discover the comprehensive value of our API documentation to effectively and efficiently benefit from the API's diverse features.

API documentation
API documentation

Ready to explore the API benefits?

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